Had an old account on here before but something's gone wrong with that, so here's me again after a years leave of absence working in the ski industry.

At uni in the UK...have played around with FL for a few years now and am trying this next year to really get to grips with it and produce some hopefully quality music.  Enjoy.

Open Your Eyes

September 6th, 2009 + 4:09 PM  ·  Kobeshi

Decided to have a crack at combining electronica with (what sound to me like) arabic scales.  Kinda sounds a bit weird but I just went with it.  Chucked in a few samples of old George Dubya speaking on September 11th too seeing as its the anniversary coming up soon.  Cant decide if its finished or not yet so let me know what you think.  And any tips on EQing would be great.  Word of warning - I have only played this through my Creative speakers...so not sure what it sounds like on headphones or anything without a sub.

Summer Song

June 20th, 2009 + 3:06 PM  ·  Kobeshi

Just realised I never uploaded an updated version of a very old song of mine I had on here nearly 2 years ago now.  No lyrics unfortunatley, but maybe someday.  Quite heavy on bass but not sure where the edit file is at the minute, so enjoy as it is.



January 2nd, 2008 + 9:01 PM  ·  Kobeshi

...and kicking.  Yes, I have not died.  I have not been abducted by aliens.  I am still here.  Just been busy working/training away from home in the alps again over the winter so havent had access to technology.  The good news though, is that Ive just bought a powerful new desktop so wont be limited to using my rather old n' busted laptop anymore.  Look foward to getting back on the Amp again as january rolls through.

A late happy new year to everyone here!!!!

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Dreaming Underground

November 2nd, 2007 + 3:11 PM  ·  Kobeshi

So basically I set out one day a few months ago, to try and create an piece of electronica with a few string elements to it.  Little did I know where it would take me.

This project is essentially a giant experiment now going through a whole variety of stages - from electronica to solo-piano to epic-orchestra to some hybrid of all of this.  Kept picking it up and putting it down and each time I did this, the song took a turn to reflect the mood I was in at that particular time.

Now the project has just become so large in FL studio that my little laptop processor cant handle it anymore, so its turned into a "Render - listen - find where changes are needed - guesswork the changes in - render - repeat" so I figured why not lob it up on here, get all the suggestions possible on changes needed, then give it one final day of work. 

Warning - it is nearly 7 minutes long, and VERY bassy.  Dont listen to it through anything that doesnt have any ability to produce bass, or it will really sound terrible.  Ive tried haha.  Also - apologies for not having been around the past month - just started uni and have been a weeee bit busy to say the least.



September 9th, 2007 + 11:09 AM  ·  Kobeshi

Just moved back to the UK so a few projects have had to go on hold while I wait for my recording equipment to come through. 
Buuut, found this old FL project while moving some stuff around between hard drives today.  Was originally designed as a soundtrack to a movie scene, but that never got made.
And yes I know, the first two drum loops are built-in ones from fruity loops :P 

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